Career in the Building and Safety Profession

Enforcement of codes and laws under the jurisdiction of the building official is the basis of building and safety duties. Building and safety departments are involved in almost every aspect of construction, and our employees come from a variety of backgrounds. If you are interested in a building and safety career, please consider the information below and on other pages within our Los Angeles Basin Chapter website. 

Job Classifications

Typical employment designations includes, but not limited to, the following:

Plans Examiner
Permit Technician
Building Inspector
Electrical Inspector
Plumbing Inspector
Mechanical Inspector
Code Enforcement Officer
Building Official


ICC offers certification for building and safety professionals. In California, state law requires that new employees obtain the appropriate certification examination for their job within a set period of time. These examinations test the applicant's code knowledge.

For code enforcement professionals, P.C. 832 P.O.S.T. certification and California Association of Code Enforcement (C.A.C.E.) Basic Code Level Code Enforcement Officer certifications are requirements for some jurisdictions.

Many jurisdictions require State licensure as an engineer or architect for plans examiners and management positions. 

The International Code Conference offers Certified Building Official testing.  Several U.S. states use the credential as a licensure requirement.


Backgrounds in engineering, architecture, construction technology, construction management, criminal justice, inspection technology, industrial technology, industrial science, environmental studies, fire protection, urban planning, business, and information technology will prove useful for many of the employment opportunities in this field. Seminars are offered on a regular basis. 


Many building and safety professionals have previous private industry experience before joining the department. Others join directly from college. Some may transfer from related government departments and organizations.  

Employment Opportunities

Visit the "Job Bulletin" webpage for current building and safety jobs within the Los Angeles region and elsewhere.

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