Administration Committee

Welcome to the Administration Committee Webpage!!

The Administration Committee (“Committee”) focuses on topics or issues relevant to the daily operation and administration of a building and safety organization. Building department administration topics or issues discussed includes, but not limited to, the following: training, education and certification; code development and adoption; budget, finance and fee; technology enhancement; record management; staffing; standardize forms or handouts; procedure and policy; uniform application, enforcement and interpretation of the CCR Title 24 Regulations; and other pertinent administration topics or issues of interest to members. The Committee may periodically become involved with activities and events in an effort to promote the status of the Chapter as well as to improve the social interaction and networking among the members. 

Members interested in participating in this committee should contact the Chairperson, Mr. Truong Huynh (see contact information below). 


Truong Huynh, P.E., C.B.O.
General Superintendent of Development Services
City of Long Beach
Phone: 562-570-6921

Board Liaison:  
Jesse De Anda


The Committee is currently working on and/or discussing the following topics or issues:

  • Electronic Plan Submittal and Review
  • Intermodal Shipping (“Cargo”) Container Adapted or Reused as a Building Material
  • Intervening Code Adoption Cycle

Please refer to the meeting agendas or minutes (as they become available) for the latest information or status on the Committee’s activities (see meeting minutes below).


The Committee routinely holds their business meeting by conference calls. To participate in the meeting by conference call, please call the following number and use the following access code: 

Call-in toll number:    1-408-792-6300 
Access code:             Access code change with each meeting. See below.

To ensure that the conference call is effective and to reduce the likelihood that participants are not talking over each other, please follow the basic rules of engagement during the conference call: 
• Allow the Chairperson to moderate the discussion, only interrupt if necessary. 
• The Chairperson will inform participants when to engage in the discussion and will continue until all participants are satisfied or have had a chance to provide their inputs before moving on to the next discussion or item. 
• When speaking, please note your name first before commencing with the discussion; this will ensure that all participants knows who is currently speaking. 
• Allow the participant who is current speaking to finish his or her thoughts before the next participant continues the discussion. 
• Please refrain from putting the phone on mute or hold, especially if music will be playing in the background as part of the phone’s feature as it will disrupt the conference call. 

The next regularly scheduled Committee meeting will be a held on the following dates and times (unless noted otherwise, always check with the Chairperson): 

Date                Time               
02-28-18        3:00-5:00       
03-07-18        3:00-5:00
03-14-18        3:00-5:00
03-21-18        3:00-5:00
03-28-18        3:00-5:00
04-04-18        3:00-5:00
04-11-18        3:00-5:00
05-09-18        3:00-5:00
05-23-18        3:00-5:00
06-27-18        3:00-5:00
07-25-18        3:00-5:00
08-22-18        3:00-5:00


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